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''Ninjas Vs Crackers'' follows the tumultuous encounters between King V and CrackerBob. Street wise ninja King V and his closest ninja friends,Kunichi Doll, and Young Hooligan, battle it out with CrackerBob and his cracker friends,Fritz, and Billy, in Middle America. Young Hooligan is a thug ninja who has a high sense of fashion and takes no mess from anyone. Kunichi Doll is a female ninja who is tough, sexy, and well trained in Jui Jitsu, Taekwondo and other martial arts. CrackerBob is a patriotic American who believes in old traditional American values and doesn’t like the idea of a new America that is inclusive and diverse. Fritz is a high strung far right extremist that believes in conservative values and always ready for action. Billy Hardtack, a retired federal agent, is the calm level headed strategic thinker who keeps everyone in line and focused.

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